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About Artifacts

Started in 1996, Artifacts set out to create an eclectic atmosphere for our customers. Artifacts shops the globe for items that are unique to create an exciting environment for clients and designers alike.
We love to work with clients to create and imagine interiors that reflect their personal taste and help them find their design voice. We curate clients’ homes and build upon their collection and edit where necessary. We also offer a large selection of art that is current to the market, yet distinctively ours!
We strive to make design and taste affordable to all, as it is our goal of creating designer homes on whatever budget life allows. 
Artifacts has locations in both Toronto and Muskoka, and we hope to see you there soon!

Introducing Christopher

Since I was young, I loved to design. What started with cars and architecture evolved into fashion and interior design. Finding design helped me find a safe space to explore my creativity.

While some may struggle to realize their true design identity, I believe it gives everyone the freedom to discover themselves. It is the role of the designer to assist with this process, and help bring out one’s true design selves!

For some, coming to the office would be a chore, but not for me! I truly love my work and the creative process. More importantly, I love the people I get to interact with! Interior Design has been a recipe for personal fulfillment and success!

With 30 years of experience, let me help bring out your true designed self!

Our Team


Debbie Hawkey

Design Associate

Pedro Salazar

Sales Associate

Kim Hanna